Meet the Team

Meet our Wonderful Team!

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Here at Choice Stationery we have a fantastic team ready to find you the best deal on all of your stationery needs! We do everything from answering the phones to building relationships with existing and new customers and ensuring your orders are sent out on time! We are one big family and love coming into a welcoming and enjoyable work environment every day. Take a look at our introductions below to find out a bit more about the staff here at Choice and put a name to a face!

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Nathan Croker

Role: Managing Director at Spitfire AMS

I have been with Choice since pre-Administration, having build the Back Office system which is used behind the scenes. I took the plunge when Choice went into Administration to continue the brand. Now with an awesome team behind us, my main focus is on the system and my love of coding.

Outside of office hours, I love spending time with Beckie and the children. My main hobby is flying (fixed-wing) and re-arranging the office on a fortnightly basis. 

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Beckie Croker

Role: Operations Director at Spitfire AMS

Hello, my name is Beckie and I am the Operations Director.

I have worked for Choice Stationery Supplies since March 2019. I became a director in October 2019.

I am a full time mum and I oversee all departments for my thriving business. I love spending time with my husband Nathan and my three children on days out. I also like playing Bingo and spending time with my friends.

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Matthew Lloyd

Role: IT Manager

Hello, my name is Matt. I worked for the old Choice for two years and then started working for the new Choice in 2019. I love my role as IT Manager here at Choice. I enjoy computers, gadgets, movies and music.

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Harry Clark

Role: Trade Manager

My name is Harry, I have been working here at Choice for just over a year and have worked my way up to becoming the Trade Manager.

I have always been a salesman at heart and love building relationships with businesses across the country and finding them the best deals for all of their office needs.

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Tom Merritt

Role: Warehouse Manager

Hi, my name is Tom. I am the Warehouse Manager here at Choice, I have worked here since 2019. 

I ensure all orders are sent out on time and that returns and supplier's deliveries are handled correctly. I am also responsible for stock checks and stock counts.

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Shenise Wallwork

Role: Sales Executive

Hi, my name is Shenise. I am a Sales Executive here at Choice, I have recently started working for the company and I've really become accustomed to the friendly working environment here.

I have always been a people person and I enjoy talking to customers, it is also a passion of mine to help others. So ensuring customers get the best possible deal perfectly suits my personality and morals.

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Olly Morrell

Roles: Sales Executive

Hi, my name is Olly and I am a Sales Executive here at Choice. 

I have always aspired to become a salesman as it suits my energetic and talkative personality. I am incredibly excited to have my first job in sales, and I look forward to saving our customers as much money as possible.

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Liam Speed

Role: Sales Executive

Hi, my name is Liam and I am a Sales Executive with the amazing trade team here at Choice.

I like to think of myself as a very friendly guy, who enjoys building great relationships with our customers. I strive to do the best for our customers and to show that they are valued and appreciated by all of the staff here at Choice. 

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Amy George

Role: E-Commerce Marketing Assistant

Hi, my name is Amy and I am an E-Commerce Marketing Assistant working alongside Beckie here at Choice. I am very new to Choice having only started in the April of 2021.

I consider myself to be a hardworking, creative and easy going person who loves thinking of new innovative ways to help Choice grow as a business.

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Haley Aspley

Role: Customer Services

My name is Haley and I am part of the customer service and sales team here at Choice Stationery Supplies.

My role within the company is to ensure our customers are happy and confident when purchasing our products. I also provide support and resources for when those occasional technical issues occur.

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David Parsons 

Role: Credit Controller

Hello, my name is David, and I work part time looking after credit control at Choice Stationery. I worked for the old Choice, and then returned in the August of 2020. 

I enjoy DIY and gardening, and I hope to one day start Bee keeping.