Think Inkjets & Toners

The all new Recycled Think Inkjets and toners now available from Choice Stationery Supplies for Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark, Brother, Dell and Xerox as well as other leading printer manufacturers.

Reset, refilled and resealed.
Up to 90% cheaper than originals.
No more chip replacement - works straight out of the box.
Perfect fit all the time every time.

With Think inkjet cartridges you acquire a product which is a high-quality branded article suitable for the highest requirements. In order to be able to ensure the absolute reliability of the Think brand, our products are made using the latest inspection techniques and to ISO9001 standards.

We guarantee:
We guarantee our Think inkjets and toners for 24 months from the date of purchase so that from the moment you take them out of the packet they will perform to the same standards, if not better, as the original manufacturers product. Nevertheless, should a product prove to be defective, Choice will either offer a replacement or a full refund of the purchase price (however, if the cartridge is not displaying an ink level, this is not considered a defect unless it is not printing).

Furthermore, we guarantee that our cartridges will not damage or alter the performance of the printer or photocopier. In the unlikely event that our products are proven to have caused damage to a printer or photocopier, we will pay for the repair costs, but only to the maximum of the current printer value. We exclude any consequential loss incurred by the damage of the printer. If a repair is required Choice Quality Control department will decide whether the printer should be sent to our third party technicians.

Choice reserves the right to have the printer inspected by an independent expert. Liability for damage will not be accepted if the cartridge is not used according to our instructions or mishandled in any way or if the printer manual instructions are not adhered to.

Our exclusive range of Think cartridges offer you up to 90% savings from the manufacturers own brand of cartridge without compromising on quality. All our Think cartridges are guaranteed to perform to the same standards if not better than the original manufacturers product.

We sell Think printer supplies for Epson, Canon, Hewlett Packard, Kodak, Lexmark and Samsung printers to name just a few.

Our cartridges are 100% full of ink and are ready to go simply take them out of the box and straight into your printer.

All Think cartridges are produced using German OCP ink which produces excellent results with photo vivid colours.

Don't just take our word for how good they are....
In a recent Which report this is what they had to say about Think:

"The Think replacement T0791-6 cartridges worked very well, producing prints that were very similar to the OEM ink. A good example of a third-party ink producing comparable results to an OEM ink. We found it hard to spot any difference between the Epson ink and the Think ink "

The best bit though, is that our Think inkjets and toners can save you up to 90% compared to the prices on the high street which means, over the years, we have saved our customers a small fortune.

In most cases too Think ink and toner cartridges have more ink than the equivalent original manufacturers product. The Hewlett Packard 363 Black Inkjet Cartridge for example has just 6ml of ink and costs over £15 versus our own brand Think 363 Ink cartridge which has a massive 44ml of ink and only costs £7.99 - That's six times more ink with our cartridge!

With over 500,000 customers why not join our family today and start saving on your printer ink costs?

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