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  • Printer 12 Month Supply Of Ink Giveaway

    At Choice Stationery Supplies we're giving away another multifunction printer complete with 12 months supply of ink to one lucky customer.

    There's no purchase necessary and it could be your name we write on the delivery label at the end of the month.

    Every order in April will be automatically entered into the draw or you can enter online at

    We'll be picking a winner at 9am on 1st May 2017 - Good luck!

  • Can you spot the difference with our ink cartridges?

    Can you spot the difference between our Think T0711 inkjet cartridge and the original Epson T0711 cartridge?

    Think T0711 Ink Cartridge Think T0711 Ink Cartridge

    Amount of ink? Epson 7ml - Think 7ml

    Number of pages printed? Epson 250 - Think 250

    Price? Epson £11.17 - Think £1.43

    Could it be the massive 87% saving?

    Think inkjets and toners are exclusive to Choice Stationery Supplies and we've been proudly selling them now for over 18 years. We offer Think alternative cartridges for all the leading printers including Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Kodak, Brother, Samsung, Lexmark and many more.

    All our Think cartridges contain the same amount of ink, if not more, than the equivalent manufacturers original cartridge and they also come with a 2 year guarantee for total piece of mind.

    Don't just take our word for it though. In a previous Which magazine they said this about our Think cartridges "A good example of a third-party ink producing comparable results to an original manufacturers ink. We found it hard to spot any difference between the Epson ink and the Think ink"

    Head to or call us on 01823 250060 and a member of the team will be happy to help.

  • Congratulations - We have an iPad winner!

    All through December we have been running an iPad giveaway to one lucky customer through our website and our Facebook page.

    Every order was automatically added into the draw and entries were also taken from our Facebook page with a closing date of 19th December 2016.

    iPad giveaway

    Over 25,000 people entered our giveaway.

    Congratulations to Jennifer Brown from Northampton who has won a brand new iPad with delivery in time for Christmas - Well done Jennifer.

    Keep an eye out for our New Year giveaway in January.

  • A tidy office is a happy office

    corporate culture How To Keep Your Workforce Happy & Motivated

    The modern workforce is diverse and in a constant state of flux. The trend of increased worker mobility has created an almost limitless number of job opportunities for the most talented employees. For this reason, the notion of the old-fashioned ‘company man’ is now well and truly dead in the water.

    Nowadays, you’ll have to do more than just ply your employees with free, super-strength coffee in a desperate bid to jolt them into action. If you need help enthusing employees, do not fear. For here are a series of tips based on the three key areas of psychology, day-to-day habits and office design that will help keep your workforce happy and motivated.

    Psychology – hire smiling Faces

    A workforce is only as strong as its weakest member. Consequently, it is vitally important that you get your recruitment process right, and one of the key areas you should focus on is hiring happy people. In the main, happy people give off an infectious vibe that permeates even the most miserable of souls, turning them into the bubbly person they always wanted to be.

    So, how do you set about hiring these joyful personalities? It all starts during the interview process. Your ideal candidate might have the world’s most polished CV – however, they might not represent the right fit for the workplace dynamic you’re hoping to create. Therefore, while interviewing candidates, ask questions that cut to the core of what they are like and look out for signs of positive body language.

    Psychology – build a Community spirit

    Nothing screams happy and motivated workforce louder than a flourishing community spirit. The best and easiest way to cultivate a community spirit is to make sure that members of the management take the time to say hello to every employees. If you have a large company, just make sure department heads say hello to their team.

    Doing this makes everyone from the bottom up feel included, plus it’s great for morale and creating a team ethos. Moreover, taking the time out of each day to acknowledge your peers can help make the workplace a much happier place to be.

    Psychology – create a challenging environment

    In our working lives, studies suggest that we reach our maximum potential when suitably challenged. There is, however, an important caveat to this advice: you must challenge your employees without setting a task that is too overwhelming or insurmountable.

    So, for example, imagine a scenario where a group of your employees are charged with putting together an important presentation to secure a new client.

    The new client in question is outside your company’s niche, and will therefore require a lot of research. This means your team will have to go slightly out of their comfort zone to put together an effective presentation that eventually wins the contract. Sure, it was a hard job, but the task was ultimately successful, which breeds confidence and helps to create a happy workforce.

    Day-to-day – sidestep micromanagement

    If employees feel as though they are being micromanaged for every task, they will soon become disenfranchised and yearn for pastures new. Furthermore, a lack of autonomy over day-to-day choices tends to lower staff morale and feelings of motivation.

    Thus, if you are the type of boss who likes to feel in control at all times, it might be time to take a step back for the benefit of your staff’s well-being. Conversely, bosses who find the extra effort to make their employees feel competent are often rewarded by a boost in productivity.

    Day-to-day – Break the status quo from time to time

    Targets, sales and everything in-between are all very important. However, they’re not the entire story – especially when it comes to keeping a happy and motivated workforce. Sometimes breaking up the status quo and doing something different for the day can help make the workplace a happier place.

    Staff socials, a few treats, even introducing beer o’clock to the workplace on a Friday afternoon are all great examples of initiatives you could introduce to jazz up the standard working day. You never know, by doing these things once in a while, it might help boost your targets, sales and the all other important things bosses obsess over.

    Day-to-day – introduce flexi time

    School runs, delayed trains and a biological clock that changes with age are all enemies of the standardised 9am start. Life simply doesn’t start when you want it to – things, unfortunately, are never quite that convenient. Therefore, you should consider introducing flexible start and finishing times to your workplace’s working day. Not only will this help improve efficiency, but it is proven to reduce the number of days that employees call in sick.

    Office design – quiet, please

    Arguably, noise control is the greatest adversary of effective office design. This is because loud or sudden noises increase the levels of epinephrine that our bodies produce. For those in need of a quick science lesson, epinephrine is the hormone that is involved in our body’s flight-or-flight response.

    So, as you can imagine, if you have abnormal amounts of epinephrine coursing through your veins, concentration can become rather problematic. For this reason, you need to create a peaceful, tranquil environment in which your employees can knuckle down and get on with their work.

    Office design – if you can’t stand the heat…

    There’s a huge chance your employees regularly complain about being too hot or too cold. They probably have a point, because it can become a struggle to work efficiently if you are either one or the other. As a result, creating the optimum thermal comfort for your employees is key to keeping them happy and motivated.

    Did you know that the ideal office temperature is 21.6 degrees Celsius? Even if there’s just a small percentage drop from this optimum temperature, it can have a massive effect on how your employees think and feel. That’s definitely food for thought if you’re mulling over whether to fit a new air cooler or heater in your workplace.

    Office design – don’t forget the stationery

    It’s important that workers have the right tools for the job when they need them. If an employee feels impaired and unable to perform their job, they are going to become demotivated very quickly. Hence, ensuring that you have a fully stocked stationery cupboard can help keep your employees feeling content and job ready.

    At Choice Stationery, we’re here to help make sure your workforce has all the stationery it needs to carry out their work effectively. We offer an extensive range of office stationery and printer ink. So check out our homepage, where you find a selection of offers and free next day delivery on thousands of items.

  • Alternative Printer Inks Can Save Money

    Unbranded printer inks can save you money - no matter what the manufacturers have to say

    An article in a local newspaper last week advised readers to “take with a pinch of salt” the OEMs’ warnings that third-party cartridges risk damaging your printer.

    The article in the Yorkshire post on Thursday went on to say "It’s not the printers themselves that are the problem; it’s the refills. They’re overpriced and they run out too quickly. Music to our ears at Choice Stationery especially when our own Think Alternative cartridges contain up to 6 times more ink than the OEM's originals giving much more value for money.

    Here's a copy of the article by David Behrens:

    IF THERE is one question for which I wish I had a pound every time I am asked, it is this: which colour printer do I recommend. Here is the answer - none of them.

    I’m not being facetious here. I’ve worked my way through all the major brands and technologies, and every one has been an expensive disappointment.

    It’s not the printers themselves that are the problem; it’s the refills. They’re overpriced and they run out too quickly. Even when they haven’t fully run out, the printer will make you replace them. And if you don’t use them often enough, the printheads are apt to dry up and render the whole machine useless.

    What’s more, the amount of ink in the cartridge has shrunk over the years on roughly the same scale as a California reservoir. So-called XL cartridges today often contain no more fluid than regular ones did five years ago. If these things were optics at your local pub, the landlord would be had up for serving short measures.

    So as the big makers gradually but inevitably price themselves out of the market, my recommendation is to use a reliable £40 black-and-white laser printer, or simply do without one altogether. This is not as radical as it sounds: photos no longer need to be printed to be distributed to family or friends - they’re better shared on Facebook or a specialist album site like Flickr. And business documents are better saved on a cloud than on paper.

    However, if homework or other requirements determine that a colour printer is still essential in your household, here are four golden rules…

    1. Unless you have specialised requirements - the ability to print on A3 paper, for instance - don’t spend any more than necessary on the printer itself. You’ll get no better results from a model costing £80 than from a £35 one, and the makers know that they can almost give the machines away in the expectation of getting their money back many times over on the refills.

    2. Insist on a printer with four ink cartridges, not two. This avoids combining the yellow, cyan and magenta inks into a single reservoir and thus having to replace all three when only one has run dry.

    3. Don’t install all the software that comes with the printer. You do need the Windows or Mac drivers that communicate with your computer, but not the superfluous “print centre” apps which are there simply to use up ink.

    4. Most important, take with a pinch of salt the manufacturer’s warnings of ruination should you use print cartridges made by someone other than themselves. Most of the research and development effort these days seemingly goes into defeating third-party cartridges, which typically sell for fraction of the “recommended” price. This involves putting “security” microchips on to genuine ink to deter imitators - but guess what? The chips are ten-a-penny, and rivals use them, too. And with a set of genuine cartridges for one printer going for £27 online and “compatible” ones for just £7, it doesn’t take much R&D on your part to see where the value lies.

    Makes good reading doesn’t it!

    At Choice Stationery Supplies though we go one step further, with our Think ink cartridges we provide a full warranty that in the unlikely event your manufactuers printer warranty will not repair if the cause of the fault is deemed to be our cartridges then we will repair or replace your printer ourselves. So what do you have to loose?

    Also our Think cartridges in most cases even contain more ink. They will never contain any less but our HP Think Alternative 363 ink cartridge has 6 times more ink than the standard Hewlett Packard cartridge for a fraction of the cost.

    See for more details on how you could save by switching to Think ink and toners from Choice Stationery Supplies today

  • Best Printer Buyer's Guide

    Laser vs inkjet – As has been the case for the many years, the single biggest consideration when buying a printer for a home or small office is whether it's a laser or inkjet device.

    With laser, the powdered ink (toner) is essentially melted into the paper, which makes it far more resilient and resistant to running. Laser printers are also far quicker once they've warmed up, so are better suited to high-volume work.

    The downside is that they're more expensive than inkjets if you're after a model that can print in colour. While you can pick up a colour inkjet for less than £30, you’ll struggle to find a colour laser printer for less than £100.

    Also, the quality of colour prints isn’t a patch on inkjet. As such, colour lasers aren't really any good for photos, but rather are useful for printing documents with colour charts and the like.

    A new tweak on the laser printer is the LED printer, which works in essentially the same way but replaces the laser with an LED.

    As for inkjets, their big advantage is that colour models are available for pretty reasonable prices, and even the cheap ones are capable of printing decent photos. So if you’re looking to purchase only one printer for all your household needs then an inkjet remains the best bet.

    Modern inkjets are also significantly faster than ever before. The past few years has seen a rise in the market of office-orientated inkjets, which can print reasonably quickly without foregoing print quality.

    Finally, there are also the very latest models that use a paper-width print head, rather than a small print head that scans back and forth. Only available in high-end machines, they're ideal for those demanding really high print speeds and top-notch quality.

    Ink types – Inkjets also come in a number of different types, with different jet technologies (piezo or thermal) and ink types (aqueous dye and pigment, solvent, UV-curable and dye sublimation). However, what will matter for most home and small-business buyers is the distinction between dye and pigment-based inks.


  • Over 3,750 inkjet and toner prices dropped

    At Choice Stationery Supplies we've lowered over 3750 original inkjets and toners from brands like Epson, Canon, Hewlett Packard, Kodak and Samsung to name just a few.

    Furthermore we deliver direct to your door for not a single penny more by Free Royal Mail tracked delivery. We even offer a guaranteed next day delivery service if you're in a real hurry for your printer inks.

    Using our 3 step cartridge finder at you can find supplies for your printer quickly and also compare the savings.

    Head to or call 01823 250060 for more details.

  • Bank Holiday Bonanza Sale - up to 50% off

    Bank Holiday Bonanza Sale

    This Bank Holiday we're having a Bonanza of a sale at Choice Stationery Supplies with up to 50% off everything.

    We've slashed the price on over 40,000 products by as much as 50% plus still offering free delivery on every single one.

    Ink Cartridges, Toner Cartridges, Stationery, Computer Supplies, Furniture and more - all has up to 50% off the normal onscreen price.

    Head to today and see for yourself how much you could save on all your printer and stationery supplies shopping with Choice.

    Hurry though as these prices end soon!

  • We're giving away another printer & ink this May...

    Printer & Ink Giveaway May 2016 Printer & Ink Giveaway May 2016

    This May we're giving away another multifunction printer complete with 12 months supply of ink to one lucky customer.

    Every order in May will be automatically added to the draw and then on the 1st June we'll pick one lucky person from a big hat to win this fantastic bundle.

    Will it be your name we write on the delivery label?

    You can also enter online here

    Good luck and fingers crossed it's your name on the delivery label this time.

    Terms and conditions apply, see website for details.

  • Meet Team Choice Stationery Supplies

    Team Choice Meet The Choice Stationery Supplies Team

    Choice Stationery Supplies is a family business born from a garden shed in 1998 by Managing Director Paul Andrews. Today we're still proud to be a family business but thankfully out of the garden shed and into our purpose built head office in Taunton, Somerset.

    From our Taunton site we serve homes and businesses across the UK with inkjets and toners, stationery, and office supplies at some of the UK's best prices.

    We're proud to employ local people who form part of our bigger family and you can meet them here

    We're always on the lookout for professional and caring individuals to join our team so please feel free to email with a copy of your CV and who knows you could become part of our family soon.


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