Fantasy Group Small World Playset Bundle

Fantasy Group Small World Playset Bundle

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Fantasy Group Play set Bundle  Made from wood these beautifully painted play sets truly are a great addition to any setting. Each set has the perfect fantasy details making them great for stimulating some wild adventures. The ready made sets enables children to use well know characters to build their own ideas and understanding of the world. The bright colours and smooth finishes show how well made these sets are and will no doubt last the test of time.   These sets cover the main areas of learning, and will help shape early development in communication and language. Fantasy animals and adventures will ignite the interest and enthusiasm for play and generating child lead play. Through the sets they can learn to  create role play and life like scenarios. Playing as a group they will build relationships, social and emotional ties. Children will find it easy to express themselves through play and small world toys, finding it easy to show a greater understanding of the world but also of situations.   Fantasy Bundle Includes: 1 x Teapot Play set 1 x Fairy Play set 1 x Pirate Play set   Partner these sets up with some of our other small world set to have an inclusive and versatile small world kit.  


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