Refillable Water Brushes - Various Pack Sizes Available

Refillable Water Brushes - Various Pack Sizes Available

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Refillable water brushes various pack sizes These packs of refillable water brushes are an elegant solution to the paint brush and the water pot collision familiar to all Early Years classrooms. They come in three different sizes small, medium and large to allow the children to create in whichever way their imagination takes them. The barrel of the brush is made from strong flexible plastic and can be filled with water before screwing on the brush. No need for separate water pots anymore. How does this resource support the curriculum? EYFS Expressive Arts and Design – Children may use these brushes to express themselves creatively through their paintings and creations. Physical Development – Children may develop greater fine motor skills using these brushes to paint. They may improve their control over the brushes while using a pincer or tripod grip and gently squeezing the barrel. Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Children may develop self-help and independence skills while selecting their tools and equipment to paint independently. KS1 Art, Continuous Provision


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