NO-NAME Oust Aero Clean Scent 300ml

NO-NAME Oust Aero Clean Scent 300ml

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Oust Odour Eliminator eliminates odours without just masking.

  • Its special formula neutralises bad odour molecules in the air, such as pet, bathroom, smoke and musty/mildew odours, leaving your home smelling clean and fresh
  • It specifically targets airborne bacteria to actively sanitise your home and replace it with a great scent
  • By attacking the bad odour molecules at their core, Oust Odour Eliminator is able to rapidly mask and remove the unwanted smell with minimal fuss
  • The spray is designed for use in well-ventilated areas and gets to work straight away
  • Simply point the can towards the centre of the room and spray
  • It is easy-to-use in just seconds and lasts for hours
  • We recommend that this product is not used on fabrics, and that those suffering with perfume sensitivity take extra care during use
  • Size: 300ml
  • Packed: 1


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