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30,000,000 Empty Inkjet Cartridges Thrown Away Each Year


Lets Help To Reduce Landfill

In the UK alone it is estimated that more than 30 million empty inkjet cartridges are thrown into landfill sites every year. Worldwide this figure increases to over 375 million.

Recycling inkjet cartridges decreases the amount of waste that is put into our landfills and ensures you can continue to buy cheaper alternative printer cartridges..

We want to help reduce landfills and recycle more products. You can help us by returning your empty inkjet cartridges. By recycling them we can help to protect the environment, safeguard our health and save energy. We do this in three ways:

  • By halting the massive drain on our natural resources - a new cartridge uses 2.8 Litres of oil to make!
  • By avoiding burning massive amounts of rubbish, which releases harmful toxins into the atmosphere.
  • By reducing the already overburdened landfill sites. These sites contain ever-increasing millions of cubic feet of non-biodegradable material, which can take over 1,000 years to biodegrade.

Start Collecting Empty Printer Cartridges Today!

Most people given the choice, would rather dispose of their empty cartridges in a way that would benefit the environment. If you know of any person or organisation that would benefit from our recycling printer cartridges program please tell them about our service.

Join Our Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Program Today

Our inkjet cartridge recycling program is beneficial to both you and the environment. The recycling program is free to join and we'll even pay for you to return them!

How Many Times Can You Recycle My Inkjet Cartridge?

On average, each inkjet cartridge, can be recycled 5-6 times. However some times a cartridge may not recycle even once whilst others may be recycled more than 6 times. What we do know with certainty is that all inkjet cartridges will wear out eventually and will need to be replaced.

Inkjet Cartridge Recycling

Please use our freepost envelope that will come with your order to return your empty inkjet cartridges or click here to download a freepost label to attach to an envelope or reuse an old envelope and we will recycle that too for you.

Toner Cartridge Recycling


We can now recycle empty toner cartridges too, and we will collect them (when you have enough) for free direct from your door through our partner GreenIBIS.  For details please click here and to arrange a collection please click here - Please note this is for the collection of toner cartridges only, inkjets should be returned to us as instructed above


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