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Apple Remote with iPod/iPhone (White)

Apple Remote with iPod/iPhone (White)

£28.49 inc VAT

If you connect your iPod to a home stereo, powered speakers or TV set, the Apple Remote lets you experience your songs, slide shows and more from across the room. Plug your iPod into the Apple Universal Dock and choose a playlist, slideshow or video. Then sit back, relax and enjoy. Ready to move on to the next song? No need to get up. Just press the Next button on the Apple Remote. Getting a call on your iPhone? Press Pause, then pick up where yo... Wireless USB Presentation Remote (Black)
PRESREMOTE Wireless USB Presentation Remote (Black)

£38.20 inc VAT

This presentation remote control helps you deliver seamless presentations by combining intuitive navigation and a laser pointer in a single compact unit. Being confined to your computer isn't the most effective way to deliver a presentation, especially when you're trying to engage your audience. With a wireless range of 90 ft. (27 m), this presentation clicker puts you in control of what's on your screen, giving you the freedom to move around t...

Nobo P1 Point Laser Pointer (Black)

Nobo P1 Point Laser Pointer (Black)

£58.77 inc VAT

Highlight key information in presentations quickly and efficiently with a battery-operated Nobo P1 laser pointer. Lightweight and easy to use, this pocket-sized, red-dot laser pointer operates at a distance of up to 200 metres, making it suitable for any size of meeting room.

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control with Rechargeable Battery, Hub and App

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control with Rechargeable Battery, Hub and App

£396.56 inc VAT

The design has a colour touchscreen that uses gestures like swipes and taps to change channels, fast-forward or rewind, and adjust the volume. The motion sensing, backlit buttons and improved button layout make it easy to find the right button, even in the dark. The replaceable, rechargeable battery offers 20% greater capacity over its predecessor, and set up is quick and simple. There are no confusing button combinations to press or codes to ent...