Cable Management

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CMVBMOD Cable Management Spine (Silver)

£28.93 inc VAT
£24.11 exc VAT

This cable-management spine neatly routes cables from the floor to the bottom surface of your desk or table, with four separate channels for computer or electrical cords. It's an easy and practical way to protect your workstation cables, while creating an attractive, clutter-free work area. The weighted base sits on the floor to provide a stable base to route your cables. You simply slide each cable through the slot into one of four channels wit... 1U Server Rack Cable-Management Panel (Black)
CABLMANAGERH 1U Server Rack Cable-Management Panel (Black)

£52.67 inc VAT
£43.89 exc VAT

This server rack cable-management panel keeps your rack cables neatly bundled and guided, for tidier rack space. The 1U cable organizer features a combination of D-ring hooks and pass-through holes that enable you to run cables to and from your equipment through the panel and into the hooks. The rack-cable management panel makes it easier to organize cables from the front or back of your server rack. It features five conveniently placed D-ring h...