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  • Reasons to buy a Mobile Printer

    Most of us have an inkjet or a laser in our phone or our office, but few of us have a printer in our pockets. The latest ream of little gadgets for your phone includes the mobile printer. The little device is around the size of a mobile phone and prints 4x3 inch photos usually via heat reactive ink. The little printers tend to be focused towards a younger market and there are plenty of reasons they may become popular and people would like one – here are a few.

    Losing out with Digital

    You do have to ask if we’re losing out with digital only materials. The reality is that we don’t tend to have physical items of media anymore and a lot of us consider it a shame. When we throw out our phone or stop using a cloud service we often forget about images. These little devices make it easy to print out some of the more cherished photos from a phone.

    Small and Portable

    The size of the devices is tiny and few are much bigger than mobile phones – which are ironically getting bigger. This means that it’s easy to carry these little items to wherever you wish. This makes it easy to take photos and print them on the go – which is quite cool


    Of course, they’re also great because they’re one of the latest and coolest pieces of tech out there and that’s a red rag to a geek to get one. The portable mobile printer is an impressive little piece of kit and something we can understand people loving.

    Instant Camera

    Additionally, the print out these little images in seconds – something we all love. They’re certainly the spiritual descendent of the Polaroid cameras we were all used to in our youth – very cool!

  • Train Fare Dodger Used Printer to Forge Tickets

    A UK man has been found to have travelled around the country using a variety of forged tickets he printed using an inkjet.

    Mark Mason, who forged 85 tickets over 21 months will now have to cough up £17,000 to repay the first class tickets he built up using the tickets. The man produced the tickets using photographic paper and his inkjet at home and used them to park in executive car parks and travel the UK.

    However, staff caught up with hum when they realised that his tickets lacked emblems and some of the finer points of the ticket. A search at his home uncovered a genuine ticket, glossy paper and printer paper, knives and scissors. He has now been order to pay back the £17,000 over six months after he was convicted of fraud charges. Failure to pay will lead to a 12 month sentence.

    "This sentence sends a clear message to anyone thinking of trying to evade payment of train fares and parking that it really isn't worth it." said David Williams, a financial investigator for the police service.

    Mason was caught after being found with tickets that had discrepancies on a train. When he returned to his car later that day a number of officers were there to search it and found 10 more tickets that were forged.

  • Office Postage Tips for 2015

    In a world where everything seems digital we often forget that only a couple of decades ago, any meaningful and useful form of communication would take days to arrive at the office.

    Even when fax was a commonplace part of life in the 1980s, most important documents were sent by post. The truth is that a lot of them still are and that’s why your office needs to have an appropriate setup for organising, sending and receiving post.

    Fortunately, we stock a whole host of post room and warehouse equipment at Choice Stationery, meaning you can be assured that you can be ordered and organised. So, here are some tips for sending mail.

    • Clear Addressing with the post code included
    • Ensure that you add a return address to the back of the envelope so the letter can be returned if there are issues
    • If sending money via the post then use a protected from of postage
    • Ensure that the correct postage is paid and remember the Republic of Ireland requires international postage rates.
    • Check that the item is not restricted or prohibited from sending
    • Ensure that the packaging you choose is ideal for the item that you are sending. This means being extra careful the item doesn’t become undone in transit.
    • Post in the UK is delivered by The Post Office or Whistl
    • There are almost 12,000 branches of the Post Office Nationwide and over 100,000 post boxes.

    Take account of these tips and you can be sure that your office will not have any postage issues in 2015.

  • Bring your Own Device - How to Secure your Network

    Once upon a time businesses had to supply computers for work, however in many offices this is becoming less so the case as bring your own device policies are increasingly implemented. However, though it makes a lot more sense on a number of levels and is also a lot cheaper for businesses, there are potential negatives - especially with networks and printers in particular.

    Bring your own device schemes aren’t a problem in themselves; however there can be all sorts of issues when employees overwork or compromise security of data. So, here are some to be aware of if utilising such a policy.

    Data Protection

    Bring your own device creates significant security problems for firms with large amounts of data and mobile device management is a necessity. Mobile devices that aren’t handled properly cause all sorts of stresses on systems and also there is the chance for compromising of data if things aren’t handled properly.

    We commonly talk about security issues relating to printers and either poor security software of BYOD issues related to printers. From the stress of getting setup on a network to data protection issues, there are all sorts of worries for a big business when using this model.

    However, there are numerous pieces of software that can be installed that connect to the office environment and ensure that the device is safe and secure. This allows the person to use their device as normal; buy assures the business that all of their data is safe.

    Device Loss

    The loss of a device often results in the losing of data and this can cause all sorts of problems and stresses. There are numerous apps that can be installed on devices that aid tracking of a phone or laptop, according to Adapative Mobile

    In addition, it’s also a good idea to put safeholds in place to ensure that work is easily recovered and not lost. Devices that don’t have an automatic cloud backup should find other ways of backing up data to keep it safe – you could be very thankful at a later date.


    One of the biggest problems people face when companies implement BYOD schemes is that they feel like they’re being overworked. This is often down to the fact that they can now work at home, as well as at work and many feel this constant connectivity causes problems for them.

    The opportunity to check emails when at home often leads to people being side tracked and spending more time at work that they should. This can lead to excess time spent working outside of the office and relationship problems between employee and employer.

    BYOD is a great concept, though there can be issues with implementation and security and if companies are aware of this they are in a stronger position to avert them.



  • World's Most Expensive Liquids

    Expensive Liquids Infographic

  • Better Posture + Better Chairs = Better Work


    We're all guilty of bad posture and you only miss it when it's gone, or you have back trouble.

    This infographic is a great re-cap on why you need to site up straight and also invest in an ergonomic chair for your work. We've a great selection if you want to take a look.

  • Berg Little Printer Goes into Hibernation

    The company behind the Little Printer – a device that we’ve mentioned a couple of times on this blog has had to close after failing to establish itself in the market.

    According to the company’s blog today, the company are closing, saying "We're wrapping up for this incarnation. Our partnerships and our services, they’re done. A few things left, then hibernation."

    The company will keep the item alive with a skeleton crew. Based around a design consultancy that began in 2005 working with names such as Google and Intel, Berg was considered one of the most innovative companies of the early 2010s

    The company which is based near Old Street in Lodnon became a darling of the UK tech scene thanks to the little mini printer, with its cute styling and also its useful printer concept. It could be used to print a personalised mini newspaper for the reader each morning based on the likes and dislikes of the reader online. The device was considered a very important part of the Internet of things and received a number of awards.

    However, even though the company started strong, the idea failed to take off and today the announcement came it had to close. According to their blog, "We've not reached a sustainable business in connected products," Matt Webb, a co founder of the company explained.

    Anyhow, it’s a shame as the Berg Little Printer is a very nice little product.

  • Why a Windows Surface Tablet makes Sense

    Purchasing a Windows tablet may seem like a little bit of a left field measure in 2014, however it’s not as much so as you’d image. The new Windows Surface machines are now in their third generation and in a lot of ways they surpass Apple and Android’s efforts. So, here are 5 reasons to invest in a Windows tablet.

    MS Office

    A lot of the Microsoft tablets come with MS Office – which on other devices will cost you a lot more or isn’t often available. With Microsoft’s Surface Tablets the whole Office Suite is available, as well as a range of other great software making them a great option.


    The Surface devices could be considered to be the most laptop like tablets yet available, which says a lot. Created by Windows manufacturer that’s quite understandable – however it’s something a lot of people will enjoy.

    Windows 8.1

    Though the first Windows 8 got a lot of flak, the newer version is a vast improvement on the previous incarnation. The Startup button is back and a number of new improvements make this version of Windows even better than ever.


    The level of support that Windows 8.1 in tablet form has is similar to the same OS in PC and laptop form. So, anyone who purchases a surface tablet won’t have any of the feted issues with printer drivers or other software that users of other tablets and devices often have.


    Even though these devices are expensive, the level of quality in the finish, keyboard and other areas is very impressive and showcases the quality and care gone into these tablets. Though there are other less expensive versions of the tablet now Microsoft has made licenses for screens undress a certain size free, the Surface tablet is by far the most superior.

    The Surface 3 may not suit everyone, but it’s certainly a great device on a number of levels.

  • The History of Printing

    Printing History Timeline

  • Why Owning a printer is Still a Good Idea

    Even in the world of iPads, phablets and mobile phones with huge screens, there is still plenty of need for a printer in the home. In fact, printers have become increasingly versatile and because of this adaptability can still be very useful on a number of levels – we take a look at why a printer is still a good idea.


    Even though most of us store out photos on digital devices, there are still plenty of reasons it’s a great idea to print out the physical copy. Printers are fantastic for creating decent quality prints and placing them at your glossy finger tips. A printer provides a low cost, high quality way to create prints that you can keep forever and offer that tactile appeal.


    There are always documents that you need to print out at one stage or another – whether that’s something legal, a boarding pass or otherwise. In these cases you will rue not having a printer and so it’s worth having one. It saves on having to pay the local internet café for a printout, or having to go to your local library to do so.


    From colouring books to passing the time with paint on the computer, printing out is all part of growing up. You create something online, print it out and viola you have a nice addition for the side of the fridge.

    No Effort

    Unlike years ago when printers we unreliable devices that got blocked every so often, printers nowadays aren’t. These old devices ruined the notion of a printer on a lot of us and the modern options are very different. They’re fast, wireless and reliable and a far cry from the printers of old. Certainly worth considering.

    So, as you can see printers are something that still have plenty of uses in the home and it’s only when you need one you truly miss their usefulness.

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