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  • Finding stationery and supplies just gets easier

    Based on recent customer feedback we had a mission to make the process of finding products at a lot easier and with far less clicks of the mouse.

    The feedback we received was that it was hard to find a particular product or even when presented with products filter down to specific brands of products on our website.

    With this vital feedback in mind we locked our web guys away in a dark room and allowed them to make the site more user friendly however this time from a customer perspective rather than a designers.

    Work is still ongoing but we're really pleased with the results so far and wanted to share them with you.

    New website menu structure

    We have introduced a new website menu structure and design that will help our customers and visitors in finding their way around the site more easily. The intent is to produce a cleaner, more intuitive design overall with a concise primary menu and a two level sub-menu leading from that.

    Here is what our new redesigned website menu structure looks like (so far):

    new_menu New menu structure at

    You now have a limited number of options on the top level menu and all products (over 40,000) on the site are categorised coherently as either Stationery, Printer Suppiles, Paper, Computer Supplies, Office Machines or Workplace.

    Each sub-menu is further categorised and sub-categorised at two levels like below:

    sub_menu Sub menu layout at

    If you observe the sub-menu under Printers for example , you will find that it has sub-categorisation that is designed to look more visually appealing with the use of various leading brand logos. You can now quickly find all your printer supplies quickly and easily at

    printers Printer Supplies

    Find My Printer Cartridges

    In addition to the changes above, you will also see a new Find My Printer Cartridge feature on the Home Page that will help our customers in finding the correct ink and toner supplies for their printer as well as remembering their selection when they return to the site.

    Customers can select the brand of printer in "Printer Make", specify the type of printer in "Printer Family" and then finally select the model of printer in "Printer Model".

    This will then reveal all the supplies for that particular printer including the original manufacturers cartridges along with our own branded Think Alternatives where available.

    We really appreciate our customers feedback in allowing us to improve the overall website navigation and shopping experience.  Whether you access from your smart phone, laptop or desktop, we believe these new changes will massively help you in navigating to your requirements in just a few clicks.

    But we're not done yet!

    Further enhancements to our site will be rolled out over the coming weeks to improve on this and we're confident that you'll soon be able to find, click and checkout in under 30 seconds.

    If you have any feedback on the website please email

  • Unbranded Printer Inks Can Save You Money

    Unbranded printer inks can save you money - no matter what the manufacturers have to say

    An article in a local newspaper last week advised readers to “take with a pinch of salt” the OEMs’ warnings that third-party cartridges risk damaging your printer.

    The article in the Yorkshire post on Thursday went on to say "It’s not the printers themselves that are the problem; it’s the refills. They’re overpriced and they run out too quickly. Music to our ears at Choice Stationery especially when our own Think Alternative cartridges contain up to 6 times more ink than the OEM's originals giving much more value for money.

    Here's a copy of the article by David Behrens:

    IF THERE is one question for which I wish I had a pound every time I am asked, it is this: which colour printer do I recommend. Here is the answer - none of them.

    I’m not being facetious here. I’ve worked my way through all the major brands and technologies, and every one has been an expensive disappointment.

    It’s not the printers themselves that are the problem; it’s the refills. They’re overpriced and they run out too quickly. Even when they haven’t fully run out, the printer will make you replace them. And if you don’t use them often enough, the printheads are apt to dry up and render the whole machine useless.

    What’s more, the amount of ink in the cartridge has shrunk over the years on roughly the same scale as a California reservoir. So-called XL cartridges today often contain no more fluid than regular ones did five years ago. If these things were optics at your local pub, the landlord would be had up for serving short measures.

    So as the big makers gradually but inevitably price themselves out of the market, my recommendation is to use a reliable £40 black-and-white laser printer, or simply do without one altogether. This is not as radical as it sounds: photos no longer need to be printed to be distributed to family or friends - they’re better shared on Facebook or a specialist album site like Flickr. And business documents are better saved on a cloud than on paper.

    However, if homework or other requirements determine that a colour printer is still essential in your household, here are four golden rules…

    1. Unless you have specialised requirements - the ability to print on A3 paper, for instance - don’t spend any more than necessary on the printer itself. You’ll get no better results from a model costing £80 than from a £35 one, and the makers know that they can almost give the machines away in the expectation of getting their money back many times over on the refills.

    2. Insist on a printer with four ink cartridges, not two. This avoids combining the yellow, cyan and magenta inks into a single reservoir and thus having to replace all three when only one has run dry.

    3. Don’t install all the software that comes with the printer. You do need the Windows or Mac drivers that communicate with your computer, but not the superfluous “print centre” apps which are there simply to use up ink.

    4. Most important, take with a pinch of salt the manufacturer’s warnings of ruination should you use print cartridges made by someone other than themselves. Most of the research and development effort these days seemingly goes into defeating third-party cartridges, which typically sell for fraction of the “recommended” price. This involves putting “security” microchips on to genuine ink to deter imitators - but guess what? The chips are ten-a-penny, and rivals use them, too. And with a set of genuine cartridges for one printer going for £27 online and “compatible” ones for just £7, it doesn’t take much R&D on your part to see where the value lies.

    Makes good reading doesn’t it!

    At Choice Stationery Supplies though we go one step further, with our Think ink cartridges we provide a full warranty that in the unlikely event your manufactuers printer warranty will not repair if the cause of the fault is deemed to be our cartridges then we will repair or replace your printer ourselves. So what do you have to loose?

    Also our Think cartridges in most cases even contain more ink. They will never contain any less but our HP Think Alternative 363 ink cartridge has 6 times more ink than the standard Hewlett Packard cartridge for a fraction of the cost.

    See for more details on how you could save by switching to Think ink and toners from Choice Stationery Supplies today

  • How To Keep Your Workforce Happy & Motivated

    corporate culture How To Keep Your Workforce Happy & Motivated - Image by Glen Wright

    The modern workforce is diverse and in a constant state of flux. The trend of increased worker mobility has created an almost limitless number of job opportunities for the most talented employees. For this reason, the notion of the old-fashioned ‘company man’ is now well and truly dead in the water.

    Nowadays, you’ll have to do more than just ply your employees with free, super-strength coffee in a desperate bid to jolt them into action. If you need help enthusing employees, do not fear. For here are a series of tips based on the three key areas of psychology, day-to-day habits and office design that will help keep your workforce happy and motivated.

    Psychology – hire smiling Faces


    A workforce is only as strong as its weakest member. Consequently, it is vitally important that you get your recruitment process right, and one of the key areas you should focus on is hiring happy people. In the main, happy people give off an infectious vibe that permeates even the most miserable of souls, turning them into the bubbly person they always wanted to be.

    So, how do you set about hiring these joyful personalities? It all starts during the interview process. Your ideal candidate might have the world’s most polished CV – however, they might not represent the right fit for the workplace dynamic you’re hoping to create. Therefore, while interviewing candidates, ask questions that cut to the core of what they are like and look out for signs of positive body language.

    Psychology – build a Community spirit



    Nothing screams happy and motivated workforce louder than a flourishing community spirit. The best and easiest way to cultivate a community spirit is to make sure that members of the management take the time to say hello to every employees. If you have a large company, just make sure department heads say hello to their team.

    Doing this makes everyone from the bottom up feel included, plus it’s great for morale and creating a team ethos. Moreover, taking the time out of each day to acknowledge your peers can help make the workplace a much happier place to be.

    Psychology – create a challenging environment


    In our working lives, studies suggest that we reach our maximum potential when suitably challenged. There is, however, an important caveat to this advice: you must challenge your employees without setting a task that is too overwhelming or insurmountable.

    So, for example, imagine a scenario where a group of your employees are charged with putting together an important presentation to secure a new client.

    The new client in question is outside your company’s niche, and will therefore require a lot of research. This means your team will have to go slightly out of their comfort zone to put together an effective presentation that eventually wins the contract. Sure, it was a hard job, but the task was ultimately successful, which breeds confidence and helps to create a happy workforce.

    Day-to-day – sidestep micromanagement


    If employees feel as though they are being micromanaged for every task, they will soon become disenfranchised and yearn for pastures new. Furthermore, a lack of autonomy over day-to-day choices tends to lower staff morale and feelings of motivation.

    Thus, if you are the type of boss who likes to feel in control at all times, it might be time to take a step back for the benefit of your staff’s well-being. Conversely, bosses who find the extra effort to make their employees feel competent are often rewarded by a boost in productivity.

    Day-to-day – Break the status quo from time to time


    Targets, sales and everything in-between are all very important. However, they’re not the entire story – especially when it comes to keeping a happy and motivated workforce. Sometimes breaking up the status quo and doing something different for the day can help make the workplace a happier place.

    Staff socials, a few treats, even introducing beer o’clock to the workplace on a Friday afternoon are all great examples of initiatives you could introduce to jazz up the standard working day. You never know, by doing these things once in a while, it might help boost your targets, sales and the all other important things bosses obsess over.

    Day-to-day – introduce flexi time


    School runs, delayed trains and a biological clock that changes with age are all enemies of the standardised 9am start. Life simply doesn’t start when you want it to – things, unfortunately, are never quite that convenient. Therefore, you should consider introducing flexible start and finishing times to your workplace’s working day. Not only will this help improve efficiency, but it is proven to reduce the number of days that employees call in sick.

    Office design – quiet, please


    Arguably, noise control is the greatest adversary of effective office design. This is because loud or sudden noises increase the levels of epinephrine that our bodies produce. For those in need of a quick science lesson, epinephrine is the hormone that is involved in our body’s flight-or-flight response.

    So, as you can imagine, if you have abnormal amounts of epinephrine coursing through your veins, concentration can become rather problematic. For this reason, you need to create a peaceful, tranquil environment in which your employees can knuckle down and get on with their work.

    Office design – if you can’t stand the heat…


    There’s a huge chance your employees regularly complain about being too hot or too cold. They probably have a point, because it can become a struggle to work efficiently if you are either one or the other. As a result, creating the optimum thermal comfort for your employees is key to keeping them happy and motivated.

    Did you know that the ideal office temperature is 21.6 degrees Celsius? Even if there’s just a small percentage drop from this optimum temperature, it can have a massive effect on how your employees think and feel. That’s definitely food for thought if you’re mulling over whether to fit a new air cooler or heater in your workplace.

    Office design – don’t forget the stationery


    It’s important that workers have the right tools for the job when they need them. If an employee feels impaired and unable to perform their job, they are going to become demotivated very quickly. Hence, ensuring that you have a fully stocked stationery cupboard can help keep your employees feeling content and job ready.

    At Choice Stationery, we’re here to help make sure your workforce has all the stationery it needs to carry out their work effectively. We offer an extensive range of office stationery and printer ink. So check out our homepage, where you find a selection of offers and free next day delivery on thousands of items.


  • From Worker Bee To Joker: What Type Of Worker Are You?

    What Type Of Office Worker Are You? What Type Of Office Worker Are You? - Image by Wackystuff

    Life is ridiculous, isn't it? Just think about it for a second. When did it become normal to travel around in a big box on wheels, flying down a long strip of tarmac with other boxes on wheels, full of little people staring out of windows watching the world go by?

    At night we sleep on a big comfy rectangle, with rectangular pillows, sheets and a duvet in yet another box masquerading as a room. I mean, who decided that life has to be so geometrically proportional? It’s utterly hilarious.

    And that’s before we get into working life.

    Do you ever think you spend most of your life doing strange things with weird people? Trust us, you’re not alone. Every office is home to an array of weird and wonderful characters that make the workplace unique. But what type of office worker are you?

    1. The Worker Bee

    Routine is the mantra of the worker bee. They are the first to arrive at work and the last to leave. If they make time to talk, it’s only to discuss working matters – nothing personal, and they never come out for a tipple during play time.

    Every minute of every day is planned, down to the exact time they take a sip of water to hydrate their body for maximum performance. The worker bee is the T-1000 of the office, and when Judgement Day arrives, it’ll be just them and the machines that are left standing.

    If this is you, your bosses undoubtedly recognise your contribution to the cause. If your efforts have not yet been rewarded with a promotion, they certainly will be in time. That said, your colleagues will never fully view you as part of the team and, as such, you may remain an outsider to many.

    1. The Brown-noser

    As sure as night follows day, every office has one. They were the teacher’s pet at school, and the hard graft put in during their formative years has now earned them the title of ‘the office brown-noser’.

    These sycophantic suck-ups think that breaking the Guinness World Record for saying the word “yes” is going to put them on the fast-track to a promotion. If you know this is you, it’s time to have a good hard look in the mirror.

    In all likelihood, your boss is no fool and is likely to see right through your pseudo charm offensive. What’s more, you’ll probably isolate yourself from your hardworking colleagues. And once your doomed plan fails, it’s them who will be waving down at you as they secure the promotion you so overtly covet.

    1. The Hothead

    We all have the tendency to get a little flustered. However, a hot head takes it to new levels. From the second they get into work, to the moment they leave, a hothead seems to be stressing about something.

    At first glance, the colour of a hothead’s face ensures that they are easily mistakable for a walking traffic light stuck at stop. In fact, such is a hothead’s propensity to go nuclear, the office manager, on more than one occasion, has considered calling Ban Ki-Moon to report a weapon of mass destruction.

    If this is you, it’s time to take a nice cold shower, re-launch the ice bucket challenge, or engage in whatever activity is needed to lower your core body temperature. You might see yourself as meticulous, but your colleagues see a powder keg ready to explode, and will look to avoid you at all costs.

    1. The Bone Idle Bobby/Barbara

    A team is only as strong as its weakest member. The office’s ‘Bone-idle Bobby or Barbara’ typically don’t pull their weight and are more than happy to take credit for other people’s hard work.

    Word documents and spreadsheets are not their most widely used windows. Instead, they spend most of their working hours snap-tweeting, pin-tubing and whatever else people do to avoid actually speaking to each other these days.

    If this is you, it’s odds-on that the techniques you've developed for looking busy are not working. Your colleagues know who you are, and it’s only a matter of time before you fall on your sword and your lazy attitude lands you in hot water.

    1. The Joker

    Humor is the spice of life. Thus, it can provide the lubricant for a well-oiled office machine to operate at its maximum efficiency. But in every workplace, there is a time for having a laugh and there is a time for working. To the office joker, however, this is a totally alien concept.

    The office joker needs to tell jokes all the time, sometimes at other people’s expense, and almost always at the most inappropriate times. They see work as less a place to knuckle down and earn a crust, and more as their opportunity to audition for a 15-minute slot on ‘Live at the Apollo’.

    If this is you, it’s time to realise that making people laugh is not the same thing as them liking you. What’s worse though, is that if you tell a joke that backfires, you could easily help show yourself out the door. And that, my friend, would be no laughing matter.

    For an extensive range of office stationery and printer ink, with free next day delivery on thousands of items, check out our extensive range now.

  • Meet the Trade Girls at Choice Stationery Supplies

    The Choice Trade Team The Choice Trade Team

    Meet Linda and Gill who work in the Choice Stationery Supplies Trade Department.

    With over 15 years experience in the stationery industry Linda and Gill offer account management to businesses, schools and colleges throughout the UK.

    From a paperclip to a filing cabinet or an envelope to a shredder both Linda and Gill will be happy to help giving you the best price today, tomorrow and every day. Offering account facilities and free delivery direct to your door now is the perfect time to take Choice to work with you. Why not call our trade department today and see how much your business could save? Call 01823 250070.

    Choice Stationery Supplies has over 40,000 products for the small and medium business and along with a 7 day price promise ensures they wont be beaten on price either - so what's to loose? Ask about our doughnut delivery too....we have bags to giveaway and simply cant eat them all ourselves.

    For further details contact the Trade Department on 01823 250070 or email

  • How Going Green Can Help Save Your Office Cash

    Going Green How Going Green Can Help Save Your Office A Shedload Of Cash

    Image by Office Now

    ­Businesses are having a tough time of it; every little bit of money saved could be the difference between a promotion and waving goodbye to your buddy at the office. Coming up with ways to cut your office budget may get on your boss’s good side, but thinking of ways to trim the costs while going green? That’s just good practice.

    Everyone knows green business is smart business, but even if your environmental efforts don’t land you that dream promotion, a green office is a huge money saver. For those looking to safeguard savings while conserving the world’s natural resources, we have listed some money saving tips you and your company can take to help your bottom line flourish.

    1. Switch off equipment when not in use

    Despite moves by suppliers to reduce the power consumption of IT equipment, energy costs are still a major drain for many companies. It seems that some individuals are more cost-conscious than others who leave their monitors turned on during weekends and holidays. Computers and monitors account for half of the electricity being wasted every day, even when using ‘energy saving’ software.

    With every monitor on energy saving mode the electricity meter continues to tick over at an alarming rate. So if you’re looking at greening the office, make sure you switch off all printers, monitors, scanners, microwaves, lights, vending machines and more before leaving the office.

    1. Green the meeting rooms

    Whether your co-workers are the kind to sneak out at dinner to snack on candy from the meeting rooms or down litres of coffee throughout the day (or, like some people you may work with, both), greening your meeting rooms can save you money and resources.

    When treating your co-workers to a selection of sweets during a heated meeting, try buying items in bulk instead of individually-wrapped servings. Every business has countless plastic cup supplies that are used and cast aside on a daily basis. Cut back on paper cups by suggesting people bring a mug from home, and find a tea that everyone can enjoy and keep alternating flavours every week.

    1. Energy efficient workspace

    If your office is set to move or is overdue a renovation project, there’s no better time to suggest implementing larger green changes, like solar panels and carefully placed windows and skylights that use natural light instead of artificial.

    For those looking to make smaller changes to your office’s appearance, take note. Choose furniture made of recycled materials and low-VOC paint for the walls. It might seem like a lot of leg work for such a small price, but long term it could save you a bundle of money to be used elsewhere to increase productivity.

    1. Work from home

    This one may shock you, but the most effective way to cut back on office costs is to send employees home. The additional maintenance costs go down, while email and teleconferencing (both of which are free) make it easy to communicate. It obviously wouldn’t be cost effective to send your whole workforce home – the business is sure to fall apart. Try to propose a rotating system to ensure all workers are given the opportunity to work from home monthly. But once you’re away from the office remember to keep the same green values in place to save money at home.

    1. Cut back on supplies

    Try setting up a dedicated area for the hole-punch, staples, rulers, envelopes, and binders – and then return anything reusable to the area when you’ve finished. Organising your desk space not only does wonders for productivity, but will save on purchasing a new pen, ruler or notebook every time you misplace your existing one.

    Trimming your paper usage is also another great way to save money – those reams of paper don’t come cheap! This is where Choice Stationary Supplies can help with offers on an exclusive range of items from our price promise collection, like inkjets and toners, perfect for a businesses in need of a greener approach to office equipment.

    Final thoughts

    Going green benefits both your business and the environment. Best of all, it will increase productivity and efficiency as you set an example for customers and employees. No matter which of these steps you have taken, make sure to shout about it by creating an environmental mission statement using our lowest priced office essentials.

  • 10 Strange But True Office Rules From Around The World

    10 Strange But True Office Rules From Around The World 10 Strange But True Office Rules From Around The World

    Image by Kate Ter Haar

    Do you work in an office that employs a dozen or more employees? If so, then you probably have a list of office rules and regulations that specify how you and your colleagues must behave in the workplace.

    However, as we’ve seen throughout history, those who are given enough power to create the rules, are often the ones that decide to exercise it in the most bizarre ways imaginable.

    With that thought in mind, we have scoured the world’s information highway to find some of the best strange but true office rules known to mankind. Most of the examples included are from the Mumsnet forum and the comments section of this Guardian article.

    And as you’re about to find out, they are all toe-curlingly hilarious.

    He’s parking mad!

    “A partner at the accountancy firm I used to work at demanded that staff park their cars facing the same direction, as he thought it made a good impression on visiting clients.

    One of his predecessors also insisted that staff should wear shirts and blouses that had pearl-finish buttons, as plain plastic ones looked too cheap. Bear in mind he was on a six figure profit-share, while his graduate trainees were on two-thirds of the average salary.” Veritypontiki

    What a curry on

    “In the canteen, they sometimes serve vegetable curry. They also serve rice.

    However, you are not allowed to have vegetable curry with rice. You are allowed to have vegetable curry with a baked potato, or chicken curry with rice, but not vegetable curry with rice.” Melpomene

    There’s nothing quite like sage advice

    “I once had to walk around the building where I worked with burning sage to cleanse any negative energies. This was done first thing in the morning.

    We also had a room full of cushions that I had to plump daily and place the zip part of the cover out of view. This was even written down to ensure I did the plumping routine correctly.” Llololizzy

    You can’t pull the wool over my eyes

    “Where I worked, we had a no bobble hat rule. You could literally wear anything you liked apart from a bobble hat – and I mean anything.

    Someone once even fashioned a dress out of a potato sack and wore it.” ThatsNotMyAlpaca

    It’s time to call the photocopier police

    “I used to work in an office where the last person out had to unplug the photocopier and lock the plug in a hamburger-type box. The key then had to be placed in a cupboard in another room.” MrsSchadenfreude

    We need to talk about Daffy

    “My old middle manager had an immaculate collection of small plastic cartoon characters arranged on a shared shelf, which we were forbidden from touching or talking about as it made him feel "uncomfortable." The reference books behind them were therefore unusable, and people would walk down two corridors to consult a thesaurus instead.

    I pointed at Daffy Duck during my first week and said "Wabbit Theathon." The air went as thick as butter.” WillYouDoTheDangFanjo

    Flies are God’s creatures too

    “If a fly comes into our office we all have to turn the lights off and open the doors and windows so it can go out – fly swatting is strictly forbidden” Legspinner

    An inflated sense of responsibility

    At my place of work, balloons are not allowed. I found this out when blowing up balloons at a colleague’s desk to celebrate his 30th birthday. We have a policy on it apparently – someone in the building is allergic, hence the ban.” JessinAvalon

    That rule’s pants

    “I once worked for an office with a dress code. There was a heading for 'Underwear', and the instruction was 'Underwear must be worn'. Obviously someone had been coming in without their drawers on!” Kittybuttoon

    This one’s impossible to egg-splain

    “Our staff canteen will only let you have an egg with your breakfast if you sign for it. You have to sign before they'll slide the egg onto your plate. When you get to the till, the old harridan snaps “I hope you've signed for that egg!'” Thenightsky

    So there you have it, 10 strange but true office rules that are hard to believe. For an extensive range of office stationery and printer ink with free next day delivery on thousands of items, check out Choice Stationery now.

  • 5 ‘Outside the Box’ Ideas to Help You Save Money on Printer Ink

    Printer Ink Save money on printer ink with Choice Stationery Supplies

    Image by Daniel Oines

    By now, you’ve probably heard the eye-rub inducing price comparisons between printer ink and some of the world’s costliest liquids such as designer perfume, mercury and, bizarrely, scorpion venom. So it’ll come as a surprise to no one that printer ink is often very expensive. That said, there are several actions that you can take to reduce your printer ink usage, and thus save yourself money.

    1. Be sceptical of the low-cartridge warning

    Think of low-cartridge warnings like you would the fuel gauge on your car: they both usually start well before there’s actually a problem. Across the board, the accuracy of low-cartridge warnings can vary wildly between different printer brands and models.

    The last thing you want is to replace a cartridge before its run out. Over time, you’ll get used to the little quirks inherent within your printer. Thus, you’ll start to learn whether your printer’s warnings are premature or bang on the money.

    Until that happens however, it’s best to wait until you see a noticeable difference in your printer’s output quality before changing the cartridge.

    1. Shop around for a printer with a low cost per page

    You know how one might shop around for a car with a decent miles per gallon fuel ratio to save money? Yep, you guessed it – you can do something very similar when shopping for a printer.

    Many printers that you’ll find on the market will have a very low RRP. However, once you factor in printer cartridge costs, you could be paying more in the long-run for buying a cheaper printer with a high cost per page usage of ink.

    For this reason, it pays to do your research and shop around for a printer that’s a little more efficient. In most cases, such printers will cost more. However over time, your wallet or purse will breathe a huge sigh of relief, because you won’t be continually shelling out hundreds on printer ink cartridges.

    1. Use your printer at least once per week

    We’re not obsessed about cars here – but whichever way you look at it, maintaining a car and a printer share many similarities. Just like you need to start a car regularly to prevent damage and degradation, you need to use your printer at least once a week to help maintain its optimum performance.

    Printing something out at least once a week helps to keep the ink flowing. This, in turn, will help prevent you from having to run multiple print cycles when your ink becomes clogged. Yes, your printer will have a clean cycle for clearing clogged ink. However, this will use huge amounts of ink, so it’s best to just use your printer regularly instead.

    1. Change your font

    If you’ve had enough of all the car-based analogies, it’s safe to come out now – honest.  Like many things, not all fonts are created equal. Therefore, one of the instantly actionable things that you can do to save money on printer ink is change your font. Garamond, for example, is the most ink efficient typeface available in Microsoft Word.

    However, there are also several custom ink-saving fonts that you can purchase and download online. Perhaps the most widely used is EcoFont, which has tiny holes in each letter that ensures it uses around 25% less ink than most typefaces, while retaining legibility. In addition, you can also use the browser extension CleanPrint to help you retain control over what you print.

    1. Check your printer’s driver settings (draft mode)

    All printers, no matter what, should come with a printer driver. For the uninitiated, a printer driver is a program that controls your printer by converting files and commands into a language it understands. Thus, the driver offers a direct way of accessing and then changing many of your printer’s key settings.

    To find your printer’s driver via a computer, open the Printers page from the Start menu. Note: in some versions of Windows, the Printers page is called Devices and Printers.  From there, right-click on your printer’s name or icon and open the Printing Preferences tab.

    Now look for an ink-saver mode. Once enabled, the ink-saver mode will ensure that you always print in Draft mode, except when you specifically request presentation-quality output. Where possible, you should also look to print in black and white, not colour, as this will save you money in the long-term.

    Another way to save money is to browse Choice Stationery’s range of cheap, efficient Think ink cartridges – which is demonstrated in this ink comparison infographic. Choice Stationery offer free delivery on over 40,000 products, so check out our extensive range of printer supplies now.

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