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Choice Stationery Supplies Blog - for all the chat on printer inks and cartridges

When it comes to inkjets and toners Choice Stationery Supplies has lots to say - don't get ripped off!

  • SnapJet Creates Opensource Compact Printer

    The smartphone compact print industry has become increasingly busy in recent times and a number of big companies have been pushing their devices to the fore. From The Impossible Project, to Fuji and a range of others, it’s becoming increasingly common to want to print those selfies.

    SnapJet is entering the world next month with a new open source instant film printer that allows you to print your smartphone images on the go.The company is even claiming they can create retina quality images in seconds with their devices and all without the need for ink, drivers, Wi-Fi or cables and unlike a lot of others, an app.

    The new printer is expected to be compatible with Android and also IOS Apple devices and there are plenty of people excited by the open source promise it offers. This means people will be able to access the workings of the device and alter it to work the way they want. So, without an app how does it work.

    Well, the device is placed next to a printer and uses a scanner to copy the images and then print them on paper. All users have to do is set their phone on the scanning surface before the print is sent to print. Once the film is exposed it pops out of the printer at the bottom?

    It looks like a pretty cool device and should be launched soon.

  • World's Most Expensive Liquids

    Expensive Liquids Infographic

  • Man Creates Flammable Printer

    Spending a full year building a printer may seem a little bit of a left field effort for most people, however not for Diego Pisanty

    Pisanty created a complex device that coats one side of the paper with potassium salts and the other with glycerol gel. This result in the paper, once printed, pressing the two sections together causing a chemical reaction which creates a Mission Impossible style blaze after a minute or so. Of course, this means the paper is destroyed and the print gone forever – reminiscent of the Mission Impossible TV series.

    Mr Pisanty said: 'It's a pretty slow reaction so it gives you about a minute to read the document. It will then start to smoke and eventually go up in flames.'


    He decided to create the device after he heard that the Russian secret service had gone back to using typewriters rather than digital files, as they felt there was less chance of them being stolen.

    However, he is quite pessimistic about the government using it officially and its adoption by security services. He believes that there is no need for destruction of hard copies of items anymore and that in most cases it’s encryption that matters.

    The printer is currently being shown in the Sand Pedro Museum in Puebla, Mexico and people can create prints, which then combust. However, the prints are stored on an SD card in the printer. Video footage is also taken from the This Tape Will Destruct display and it will be showcased until 2015.

  • Great Printer Photoshop Fails for Holidays

    We've all had the experience of picking a fancy pants hotel from a brochure, then getting there to see a hotel, or room that only resembles the photo in the brochure via its four walls. So, we thought for the mid term that's in it we would take a closer look

    The advent of Photoshop and a few coy marketing techniques has often left many of us quite disappointed. In fact such software has really seen an increasing number of Photoshop holiday brochure fails rear their heads across the Internet.

    Locations are a common fail. We see something in the photo and assume it's perfectly close to a special monument, or activity. However, when we get there we realise this is far from the truth. This image of the Hyatt Hotel near Capitol Hill is a fine example of such trickery at play.

    Looking forward to sometime in the sun, while doing some lengths in the pool - well by the look of the brochure photos that won't be a problem. However, the brilliant world of Photoshop can make things larger than they appear and the swimming pool is often one such thing - have a look at this tiny pool example.

    For those of us who enjoy going on holiday for the food, which in many cases involves some form of tasty gourmet. It may be unfortunate to get a cold plate, or a bad meal once in the week. However, look at the difference below and count your chickens as you could do a lot worse than a missing sausage.

    The old back drop can really create that idyllic impression when choosing a place from the brochure. Yet you should perhaps be curious to know whether the backdrop even exists as those who chose this hotel figured out from this image of the gym.

    And, who smiles at the gym anyway, surely it's a place for toil and pain and not some sort of holiday camp - surely this sort of grimacing is part of a the Photoshop fail trend. On the other hand these people are fine specimens of humankind and perhaps may enjoy the whole repetitive process.

    Our favourite of all as the company have managed to make a pool that's not much bigger than our bath tub look almost Olympic sized. A photo in the true spirit of the Photoshop holiday brochure fail.

  • How to Make your Office a Better Place to Work

    The office environment is very important - after all a lot us spend 8 hours a day there at least. A nicer place to work creates more productivity, a better feel and makes you a better worker.

    This infographic showcases a nice work area and offers some vital tips on how to make your desk area a better place.

    As you can clearly see from the infographic it's the little things that make a big difference when it comes to your workplace and we hope these tips will help make a difference in that regard.


  • Going Green with Renewable Toner Cartridges

    Renewable toner cartridges provide a way to go green, while not impacting on the quality of your printing.

    One of the most overlooked things with toners is that a large amount of each toner is in fact recyclable and can be used again. This has a very important impact on landfills and the volume of plastic in these landfills. With over 30 per cent of landfill volume taken up by plastic and 8 per cent of landfill weight made up of the same, recycling toner cartridges can really play a part in aiding the green cause.

    Aside from this the global problem of e-waste, which is waste shipped to third world countries for disposal is also extremely inefficient and wasteful. Renewable cartridges can prevent these problems and mean more carefully spent resources.

    Toner cartridges also use a number of substances which can be hazardous to human health and it is not uncommon for children in these countries to get their hands on them. By recycling in an appropriate manner this is prohibited.

    Renewable cartridges are taken apart by specialist toner cartridge experts. These cartridges are then used for parts, with large amounts of the old parts just taken apart and used again. These refurbished parts are used again in toners. Parts that cannot be refurbished are then recycled in a safe manner and so are treated carefully and safely. This prevents any problems created by toxins in the toner being disposed of in an unsafe manner.

    Many of these companies have in house recycling programmes and ensure the green cause is looked out for. This ensures quality cartridges for users and also little environmental impact.

    There are a number of misconceptions about renewable cartridges; mainly that they are lower in quality, invalidate printer warrantees, or damage printers. These notions are untrue and many companies who create these toners are ISO 9000 certified, ensuring the top quality of product on offer on an individual level.

    Companies go to great lengths to ensure these printers are of the highest green standards, with many using reusable boxes and re-sealable bags to cut down on wastage and ensure cartridges can be sent back with the least green footprint possible.

    All of these factors make reusable toner cartridges the product of choice for many businesses and is a reason to purchase them, over newer and more wasteful options

  • 5 Essentials for any Business Printer

    A quality business printer makes an office run a lot easier, ensures things are faster, smoother and more productive. There are a number of things that such printers have in common – so let’s take a look at the additions you need.

    Colour Quality

    If you’re office never uses colour then a monochrome printer is fine. However, even if it only utilises colour prints 10% of the time, then a good quality effort is required and you should ensure that the device prints a reasonable level of colour document.


    You may want the printer to be able to perform other tasks such as scanning, faxing and copying and it’s worth looking for a multifunction device if you need this. One machine that can perform a number of tasks is easier to use and less costly than a number of machines


    The pace of printing is important too and if your office is busy then speed should be a priority, but accuracy should still be a prominent consideration. Laser printers tend to be faster than inkjets, however the latter is often more accurate for printing. Of course, with the arrival of smaller faster processors, on board printer processing is now also something we see a lot of – more powerful on-board processers make a difference.

    Paper Size

    Different people require different things from a printer and paper size tends to matter a lot. Try and ensure that you have the printer will print the most suitable paper for the business whether than be A3, A4 or otherwise.


    Wired or wireless or both – that’s what you need to decide when choosing a printer and there are numerous forms of connectivity. From USB connectivity, to Wi-Fi, to cloud based printing – there are a number of different ways that a printer can connect to devices now and you need to evaluate which is the most suitable for your office.

    So, take heed of what’s mentioned above and use it to decide on the sort of printer you feel fits best with your office.

  • Inkjet Printer Cleaning Tips

    You mightn't actually realise it but inkjet printers are far more than plastic boxes that paint akin spray cans. They are in fact quite sophisticated machines. Think of the speed of the print head and the way the jets paint dots onto areas the size of a pin head. By ensuring your printer is clean you can ensure it continues to do this accurately and for a longer period of time.

    Cleaning it

    Cleaning the outside of the printer is the first step. By preventing the onset of large amounts of dust you prevent the chances of it getting on and into the nozzles. This can be done with a lint cloth.

    Colour Patterns

    Suspicions should arise over the printer when there is a shift, or change in colour pattern away from the norm. In this case it usually means that a colour is not being placed on paper in the way it should be, or not at all. In this case run a print test to determine whether your suspicions are correct.

    Nozzle Clean

    If they are correct then you will need to perform a nozzle clean. This can usually be done through the LCD panel on the printer, or via the software that came with it. Do this once and check all heads are printing as they should by running another check. If they aren't do it again 2-3 times.

    Bad Hair Days

    Sometimes printers can produce smudged print outs. In this case it could be a hair, or piece of fluff on the entry area of the printer head. Using a dry and clean lint free cloth give them a rub to make sure this is not the case and then perform a print test.


    If the printer is still blurring it may be because the printer heads are not firing in the right place. This may mean you have to perform a printer alignment so the ink is being jetted to the correct area of the page. This is done through a number of steps and will make sure the printer is hitting the correct area with the ink. As, we've mentioned printers are machines, where hundreds of millimetres makes a major difference and so a slight adjustment can make for picture perfect prints again.

  • A Closer Look at the Brother HLL-2320D Mono

    A lot of us tend to get distracted by the latest and snazziest technology on the market – we know we do. However, the new Brother laser printer – the HLL-2320D Mono Laser Printer, doesn’t offer much of it. However, what it does provide is exceptional reliability and ease of use – the more important things for a lot of us in a printer.

    The tiny mono printer takes up a tiny amount of desktop space and offers good quality output for a laser printer. It has won a number of awards, even if connectivity is only available via a USB port. Of course, it’s the simplicity that keeps the price point down and makes this a printer that does exactly what it says on the tin.

    Printing 24 pages a minute at a quite good quality, it’s a good device for SMEs or for those that do a lot of printing at home. However, if you print photos there are better options available than this mono device. That said for work use it’s perfect.

    The printer comes with a 250 sheet tray and a one page manual feed slot and though there is no Wi-Fi or NFC it’s still perfectly suitable to use in most cases. Sure you can’t print from an app, but at such a low cost it’s a highly capable mono printer in a very compact package.
    The tiny Brother HLL-2320D Mono Laser Printer is certainly one to consider for those looking for a little device that comes at a low price, is reasonable run in price terms and offers a no frills printer that is fast and offers good quality output.

  • The Office and Flu - What you Need to Know

    One of the biggest office issues at this time of year is flu and we’re sorry to say that everything you use, share and touch could be the thing that helps pass the flu on to you.

    However, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself when at work and limit the chance of you getting the flu from the sickly person in HR. So, we thought we’d take a look at this excellent infographic that could prevent you getting sick and having to not just take time off work, but also suffer for days on end.

    Nobody likes flu and this could help you avoid it:office-flu-prevention-infographic

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