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When it comes to inkjets and toners Choice Stationery Supplies has lots to say - don't get ripped off!

  • A Closer Look at Canon’s MX535

    Canon’s MX535 is part of the company’s efforts in the printing area – not the Photography one as the MG style of Canon machines is orientated towards.

    The Canon Pixma MX535 is an all in one in a very basic shape, albeit quite a large one. The large body of the machine is in fact increased with the extra paper trays and other additions. The device comes with a 30 sheer ADF with a folder cover and also a control panel on the front edge. There are four buttons on the left centre is a 2-line by 16-character mono LCD display. Although this has no backlight, we had no difficulty reading it under normal overhead illumination.

    The folding down front cover allows access to two cartridge holders – one black and one with three colours. They slide in to the front and you simply click down a clamp bar to ensure they’re in. There’s a USB socket and the software supplied allows for a raft of IOS and Android as well as wireless printer options. There’s also WPS for quick set up.

    Print speeds are 9,7ppm for mono prints and around 6ppm for colour. The auto duplex print is standard on the machine, albeit slows up progress – this means it’s not idyllic to use it. The scanner takes around 30 seconds to take a scan – also quite slow. An image can take up to 1.40 seconds to completely scan. However, it’s more of a document than image printer.

    Quality of print is good and shows no splatter. Colour printing is also quite clean and photo printing is good for a machine like this and tones are well reproduced.

    Costs are around 2.7p for a black and white and 8p for a colour print out – which is quite low cost for a printer of this kind.

    So, should you purchase the MX535? Well, it’s a decent machine that’s quite fast and offers good quality prints and probably one of the best on the market. It’s also quite inexpensive to buy and use and forego its boxy shape and you’ve a good printer.

  • A Review of the Dell B1165nfw

    The Dell B1165nfw is the perfect companion to those looking for a simple device that offers monochrome printing and a little functionality.

    The device is a scanner, copier and fax as well as a printer and is capable of creating a 40 page document thanks to auto copying mode and also works directly via smart phone thanks to the Dell Mobile Print application. For its low cost price the device comes with a number of useful features and is a great device for those working in small offices.

    The printer’s dimensions are quite small for a device of this nature at 11.7x 15.8x 11.5. It’s also quite light at around 7.5kg. The no frills aspect of the device can be seen in its lack of a touch screen interface and its control panel, which is certainly more mid-2000s than modern. However, it’s a well laid out addition that works well with the machine.

    Connectivity is based around WPS and also Wi-Fi – which is easy to install and set up thanks to the Dell software that comes with the printer. There is no USB connectivity, so that’s worth noting though it does have the addition of cloud printing features through Apple AirPrint-compatible devices, a Google Chrome Web browser.

    Printing is quite fast and the Dell can produce around 20 pages a minute of text, which is quite good for a printer of this type. Quality is quite good, though there are better printers on the market for images, it’s very good for text. Then again it’s a mono laser printer, so that’s not a massive surprise.

    The device doesn’t come with an auto duplexer and for some this may be a deal breaker, though it’s not standard on printers of this price range.

    The Dell is an inexpensive device that makes sense of small offices on a budget and comes with most of the essentials a device of this kind should have and is a good printer overall.

  • We are Safe from Heart Bleed Problems

    We’re not sure if you have heard about Heart Bleed – the latest security vulnerability to hit the web. Well, first and foremost we just want you to know that Choice Stationery, our site and every other faction of our online business is completely safe from the problem.

    For those of you who don’t know what HeartBleed is, it’s a security bug that puts user’s passwords at risk and has caused problems for a number of big sites on the web.  The issue is with a form of software known as Open SSL and this allows hackers to access servers holding data. According to some reports around 500,000 sites have been impacted by the vulnerability.

    This data could include everything from names to credit card info, to passwords and other data. It also could allow hackers to get the digital keys of company’s servers and use this to steal encrypted information.

    Anyhow, just to reiterate, we have not had any issues relating to the problem and all Choice Stationery customers have absolutely nothing to worry about regarding our site and HeartBleed – so worry not.

    If you wish to read more about the issue then take a look at CNET's advice here.

  • Kyocera ECOSYS M2030dn Review

    If you’re looking for a new mono laser printer that can offer you efficient printing in an attractive package for under £500 then the Kyocera ECOSYS M2030dn could be a great option.

    The company has created the Kyocera ECOSYS M2030dn to print, scan, copy and fax and it also includes duplex print and a duplex ADF feeder on its scanner too. The printer is a large enough one and comes with a fast laser motor and flat bed scanner. The control panel is also well laid out and comes with a range of functionality, as well as a LCD panel, which though black and white is perfect for status updates and all your needs.

    There’s no wireless connection on the device, though there is a USB and Ethernet port. There is also the ability to fax via quick dial numbers and it’s easy to fit the toner cartridge too. The starter cartridge is able to print around 1000 pages. There are larger cartridges too which print 3000.

    Print speeds are around 30ppm which is at the upper end of the devices for this cost. Expect to see increased speeds as you print more, though 5 page slows things down to 11ppm.

    Print costs and print quality are low and of a high standard, though graphics can be a little blotchy. Photo prints are a little dark and fine text often loses definition. Pages come in at around 2.6p a page. So, yes, it’s a great device and one of the best in its price range thanks to its great functionality.

    Kyocera have created a good printer with a lot going for it and one that should certainly be considered.

  • How To Pull Off A Great Children’s Party With Professional Printing Services.

    Holding a party can be a great occasion especially when its for your children. But, sometimes when your a full time mother, can involve a long list of jobs and organisation skills. If your intentions are to make an impact on the guests, then more often than not with a little bit of research and thought, using professional services can get a job done professionally and on time. So all you have to do is be organised and know what you want from start to finish.

    As a party organiser, starting with a list can make all the difference to how you achieve your outcome factoring in budgets and value for money when you compare products in your list of choices. When creating your list, it is important to factor timescales, something like celebration cakes are customised and require planning of design. It is best to check with your confectionery maker what time scales they work to as this can have an effect on your expectations.

    You may not realise but processional printing can have a huge impact on the overall effect of your party. By speaking to your local printer about all your printing requirements you maybe able to achieve a discount when supplying your printing requirements to a professional printing service. Leaving you to focus on more of the things you like to do.

    Printing has got so sophisticated in the last 2 decades and has dramatical come down in price. If you where to try and do all the printing yourself, there would be so many costly items. For a printer who buys in bulk can pass on the discount to each customer.

    Printing Your Invitations Professionally.
    Depending how creative you like to be, initiations can open up endless opportunities to create the right mood and theme for your ideal party. Not only can you ask your printer to match an exact colour to its code, having a choice of folds and styles including imagery can all be included in the cost. You may need to discuss you requirements with your printer service first to check what is included in the overall cost. How an invitation design looks and feels can also be judged on the card quality. Gloss card can also create a lovely overall appearance.

    Professional Banner Printing
    Besides getting your painting kit, professional banners will help to brighten the room no end helping to give that personal touch to a party celebration. Choosing a banner needs to be specially printed which for modern day technology can be catered on large scale format production printers.

    Personalised Card Printing
    Personalising a card can for someone special can be seen as a very thoughtful idea. The benefits of having your card custom made means you can make it as big as you like in any shape or card colour. Choosing your own word and adding their name can be a sentimental touch. You will also be able to match colour scheme and add as many pictures to suit the overall party theme and won't cost anymore than the cost of a standard card.

    Printed games
    What is a childrens party without themed funny masks? If fancy dress is too much like hard work. Why not get some quality masks printed. Masks are a cheap and an affordable way to personalise a childrens party and whether its your childs favourite boyband or a bunch of animal faces, they will keep children occupied no end, whilst adults can join in too.

    Personalised Party Keyrings
    Why not give your guests a party memento to with personalised keyrings. Some printers offer this service, however if they do not, they may ask you to provide the keyrings while they will print the photograph inserts. Your guests will be truly overjoyed to received something of the occasion.

    Printing Thank You Cards
    Manners cost nothing, but why not say it with words and thank your loved ones for gifts you revive with a thank you card. With the aid of mobile phones and tablets, some printing services enable you print direct from your mobile phone or tablet device, so any photographs you captured from the party, you could use to turn your thank you cards into something so memorable.

    How To Find The Best Printing Service For You.

    Using local services can often mean you can get local prices. In smaller towns, overheads for businesses generally have less overheads, which more often than not are passed down to the consumer. However, when you are finding a printing service fit for your requirements. Searching in a local search engine is the best place to start. It will be little use to you if you just types in “printing” as your search engine will unearth thousands of results to do with printing, but not necessarily a printing company in line with your requirements. The trick is to tell your search engine exactly what you want. For example, “Wigan printing service providers”.

    his will guarantee a localised search where you will be able to see where and how far the business is from your destination, most businesses have their own website showcasing their services and products, which you will be able to contact them about.. If you would like to find out more about how to get the most out of searching for products and services online, resource like Wiki How, provide step by step guides for any internet user.

  • ZUTU's Mini Mobile Robotic Printer is Worth a Look

    Zutu’s mini mobile robotic printer is a thing of wonder and really is quite an exciting little Kickstarter venture. The device, which managed to hit its goal is a mini robot printer than can fit in a bag and print up to 1000 pages before running out of ink, while is also easily charged with a USB lead.

    The little printer can print around 1.2pages a minute at 96x112dpi – though the company claims the sold version will print at a higher quality. Nonetheless it’s not bad for a little 300g printer that’s around 3x4 inches.

    The device works in a very different manner to that of a traditional printer as it sits on top of a blank piece of paper. It prints by scurrying around the paper on an omni wheel system and prints from beneath its body. It works with the vast majority of OS including IOS, Windows phone and OSX.

    The device can be purchased still and if you go on Kickstarter the early backer option to buy it for $180 £130 approx) is still available. It comes in a range of colours and it has a polycarbonate shell, so it’s quite tough. It will print in grayscale now but a colour version will be soon available.

    It’s certainly one to keep an eye on and if you’re a printer or a robot geek, or for that matter know one – is a great present. See a video of it in action here.

  • Low Cost 3D Printer Hits Crowdfunding Record

    A new 3D printer has managed to reach its Kickstarter goal in less than 11 minutes. The super low cost M3D raised £597,000  - well ahead of its target of £35,000 approx with over 28 days to go.

    Makers, the creator of the M3D are offering the device for $299 or $199 for people who are early adopters. Titled the Micro, the device allows people to use simple drag and drop software to create objects and print them out.

    The 3D printer will be a tiny 7.3 inches high and weigh around 1Kg – the device will be easy to move around and can be used with a range of operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac. The company has titled the printer, ‘the first truly consumer 3D printer’. Many people believe that this could be the device to bring 3D printing into the mainstream.

    "Along with the market entry of New Kinpo I think it's one of the most interesting things to happen in desktop 3D printing," said expert Joris Peels.

    "New price points and lower pricing will be key in getting people to buy a 3D printer. Not many people can afford to pay $2,000 for a printer but many more can try one for $500 or $300," he added.

    The retail price for the 3D printer hasn’t yet been revealed, however those that offer support for the machine on Kickstarter will receive it for $299 and the retail price will be expected to be placed in the same bracket.

    Of course, like an inkjet or laser printer the consumables are going to be part and parcel of the expense and such prices haven’t been revealed yet.

  • Tips for Better Photo Prints

    Thanks to technology and digital screens the number of photos that we all take has rocketed and we now take far more photos than we did only a decade ago. However, because of our tablets and screens we also seldom print them out. Even though we can easily see the quality of the print beforehand, a lot of us just don’t bother to print them out. However, there’s something great about a printed photo and we’ve compiled a list of things to consider for better photo printing.

    Print Size

    Picking the correct print size is the big first step and you need to take account of the pixels before you decide on a print size. Ideally you need around 300dpi to support the quality of print and anything below that will look poor. This should decide the size of the image you choose. Calculating it is quite easy – you simply need to divide the pixels by the dimensions of the image and ensure that the image is within or above the 300dpi range.


    Choosing the correct printer paper is important and though plain paper is okay, it absorbs ink and isn’t ideal. It’s okay for text but you’re better off with glossy paper for images. Of course, there are a whole range of photo papers out there and the one you decide on depends on what you wish to achieve.

    Printer settings

    The printer settings should always be double checked before a print as otherwise you’ll end up with lousy prints and a number of issues. Remember that paper is designed to be printed on the right side – that’s a common mistake. In addition, check the ink settings are correct and that the printer settings placing the ink on paper are okay too. It’s important and without it you will end up wasting ink, paper and not doing as well as you should.

    Maintain the Printer

    Printers can be quite finicky and because of this they can clog and often need to be cleaned. It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on the printer and ensure that it’s in tip top shape before printing images as otherwise you could end up in trouble and waste ink and prints too.

    Follow these tips and you can be sure your photos will look great.

  • Gap between Inkjet and Laser Closing in Business

    The line between business use for inkjet and laser was once quite a thick and clear one, however it seems that things have changed somewhat according to a survey from PC Pro readers that consulted IT pros, senior managers and technicians.

    The study came out quite favourably in inkjets camp with many who took part favouring the machines. Out of the 502 people who took part 71% identified that an Epson WorkForce Pro inkjet gives lower costs per A4 mono page than an HP LaserJet

    Almost 68% of those people were able to tell which came from an inkjet over a laser. However, the audience found it a lot harder to choose a photo image when it came to deciding on whether it came from an inkjet or a laser printer. Out of the 502, 206 got it wrong.

    The survey was taken by Epson and PC Pro – though the editor of PC Pro, Tim Danton was quick to point out that those surveyed received a hand. The texts included links to white papers which showed how Burger King had moved towards Epson Workforce Pro printers and away from traditional laser and inkjets.

    However, as Danton said it’s clear that people have moved on from the bad laser good inkjet or vice versa philosophy and now judge a machine on its results and not merely on prejudice. He said “What’s clear, though, is that people are starting to judge printers on what they can do for their business rather than resorting to the old ‘laser good, inkjet bad’ attitude.” See the full piece here.


  • Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R5690 Review

    Epson’s gone back to the start and decided to focus on the basics with its business printer range and also utilise its piezo-electric head technology – PrecisionCore.

    Epson’s WorkForce Pro WF-R5690 uses a plastic pouch ink container with the new technology and the device will be available at the end of the year as part of its new managed print service offering.

    Even though it’s a new looking device, this new Epson uses a standard form factor and prints in a white and grey colour scheme. There are two trays and it utilises a new continual ink system known as RIPs. The device comes with ink of one l in three primary colours and a 1.5L for the black ink too.

    The front of the device comes with a control panel and a USB connector, as well as access to the innards and two paper loading areas. It’s also a well-connected machine thanks to its USB and Wi-Fi and Wi-Di. It also has card slots, though no NFC. Strangely, it does offer QR codes as a printing option.

    Epson claims that the new models will consumer around 80% less energy than the typical laser printer. Fortunately, from what has been seen so far these prints are also of high quality too and are easily on par with most other laser printers.

    The device will come to market towards the end of this year and a A3 version is also set to be released. However, it won’t be available through normal retailers and will have to be purchased through specialists.

    Epson has suggested its likely with time the technology will trickle down to more models with time and we’ll see more of its devices get benefit from it.

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